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Genap The Netherlands adopted a Watershop in Gujarat, India

Genap The Netherlands generously supports the Watershop program in Gujarat, India


Supporter of the Watershop Project

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Why Genap is supporting the water shop program?

Dick van Regteren, owner and CEO of Genap BV:

“Genap has been working in the water industry for the last almost 70 years. We know how important good quality water is. Water is our passion and we do our utmost to deliver the best possible deliver solutions to our clients. Because of that we also started a company in Kenya and our products are sold in about 40 countries all over the world”.

“We favour the Watershop Project because in that water is purified, stored and delivered to those people that are in real need for support: Poor people in India presently simply drinking polluted or saline water. The water shops make use of smart high-tech solutions combined with an ingenious social approach to really involve the local people. That makes it a unique project having long term and durable impact. And sustainability is ensured because the villagers agree to contribute for the clean water produced. In doing so, the water shops can be maintained and operated for the long run.

That is what we at Genap are also working on and why we support the Project: delivering smart and sustainable water solutions for the people around the world!’


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