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Cordaid The Netherlands adopted Watershops in Gujarat, India

Cordaid The Netherlands generously supports the Watershop program in Gujarat, India


Supporter of the Watershop Project

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Why Cordaid is supporting the water shop program?

Willem-Jan Van Wijk, CFO of Cordaid:

Cordaid is a key global development organization operating in 35 countries, with hundreds of partners and more that 300.000 private donors. We have been fighting poverty and exclusion in the world’s most fragile societies and conflict stricken area’s for more than 100 years. And we deliver innovative solutions to complex problems by emphasizing sustainability and performance”

“We helped initiating the Watershop Program because clean water delivery to the Poor, not only in India, is a huge challenge. Water borne diseases still are the cause of many sicknesses 1,5 million of death on yearly basis not having mentioned yet the more than 37 million of people in India alone are suffering from water borne diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera and typhus. What increases the value of the Project even more is the objective to deliver the clean water financial sustainably: The money locally generated with water sales in the shop is sufficient to pay for operations and maintenance. With that robust solutions are generated able to sustain themselves now and in the future”.


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