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Rural villages


Watershops in rural villages

In the North of Gujarat, India we are implementing watershops in small rural villages. We select villages having only drinking water available that is too saline for consumption. Also, the water is often also contaminated with high concentrations of fluorine. The environment is harsh, the people are surviving thus delivering clean safe drinking water improved their lives considerably and improves their health and life considerably.

Implementing our watershops in these rural villages requires a special approach. Once villages are selected a social marketing strategy is implemented to increase awareness and willingness of people to pay for the water delivered. In that activity, the role of woman and the involvement of woman in the process is extremely important. Activities are developed such as door to door meetings, village meetings, focus group sessions and we offer special benefits for consumers joining the ‘watershop community’.

In addition to these soft issues, also matters concerning the kind of purification technology are answered. In that we focus on implementation of robust technologies so that operations and maintenance can be minimised. We apply on-line accessible ATM systems based on which the watershop can be operated fully automatic.

If you are interested to learn more on what methods we apply, or if you are interested to contribute in some way to the watershops we are establishing,
please let us know.