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Special purposes

special watershops

Special purpose Watershops

The concept of our watershops is not only useable in urban and rural conditions. Indian companies and big organizations serving large groups of peoples appear to be interested in the solutions for sustainable water provision as well.

For instance: with the largest Dairy factory of Gujarat, the Banas Dairy, we demonstrate that up to date water technology can be used to purify waste water of the factory into drinking water. Located in the North of Gujarat, a region prone to frequent droughts and long and extremely hot summers, the need to minimize the water spillage is essential.

SWS supports the Banas Dairy Factory with purification of the waste water. The quality of the purified water is such that is can be used for human consumption, or routed back into the factory to minimize the extraction of water from the environment.

If you are interested to learn more on what methods we apply, or if you are interested to contribute in some way to the watershops we are establishing,

please let us know.