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Urban situations

urban watershops

Watershops in urban situations

Our urban watershops are in the Ahmedabad Megacity having approximately 7 million inhabitants. Here we are working in close cooperation with the local Avval Foundation to provide safe clean drinking water to the urban poor.

In Ahmadabad temperatures during summer time temperatures can easily rise to 45-48 degrees Celsius. The need for good quality drinking water is high. Interestingly, the needs of people in urban situations differ largely from the needs of poor peoples in rural villages. Consequential, the technical set-up of the watershops, the water ‘product’, as well as the pricing of that product varies from rural situations.

Together with our partner Avval we implement innovative solutions working and cooperate with local authorities, local entrepreneurs and organisations to increase the acceptance of the innovation.

If you are interested to learn more on what methods we apply, or if you are interested to contribute in some way to the watershops we are establishing,
please let us know.